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Meet the owners

Meet Derrick and Joe, the founders of The Candle Kiln. We created this company in our response to living a healthier lifestyle ourselves and, through the process (which still changes daily!) sharing the knowledge we have gained from others.

Today, people receive dozens of messages daily from various outlets – television, the Internet, radio, other people, etc. – and it can be difficult to decipher just what is and what is not good for you. At The Candle Kiln, our aim is to ensure you are always provided with accurate information to help you decide which products are best for your home and body.

Our Ingredients

The ingredients we use to create the products on our Website have all been sourced from well-known,  high-quality (and when possible) local suppliers. The raw materials are also harvested responsibly.

Many of our products are completely preservative-free and ALL products are Paraben-free. Some of our water-based cosmetics will include a completely harmless, yet necessary, preservative which keeps them from spoiling early.

Since our products are either all-natural or mostly natural, they all have typically shorter shelf lives than what you find in large retail stores. The expected life span of each product is listed in the description of each item.

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